The stunning Warm up match

What a great Win!

INDIA win over Australia was a great one. Wow what a win of INDIA over Australia. Nobody believe it, a great performance by INDIAN spinners. The Spinners had not only stunned those batsmen but all of us. They did the magic. It was unbelievable performance by INDIAN spinners. They take the wickets in good time and take win from mouth of Australia. Finally INDIA  win by 38 runs.

Batting performance

INDIAN Batsmen all of them performed very poorly. No one get a decent score in his name. Only Shewag was able to score a 50+ and Pathan made 32, rest of them made nothing. Thank to Nehra and Aswin who made 19 and 25 respectively which make the score some fight-able. What yuvraj singh doing? He still doing the same and not performing. When will he perform? Dhoni where the big sixex gone? The lam-less performance by the heroes, they were able to put 214 only.

The Turning point

Australian were playing  very well and was easy to lift up with a easy win. They were at 138 for 3 and then chawala took 2 consecutive wicket and another one in his next over. This turn the match and then all the other wickets falls like cards. No one tick at crease and made run for Australia and they losed easily winnable match.


The world cup warmup matches

Now Today informal starting of the World cup 2011 with the practice matches. We had 5 matches played today and no surprises in the warm up match.

The Match results are

New Zealand 311/6 v Ireland 279 (48.2 ov)
New Zealand won by 32 runs
Guptill scores a ton but brave Irish fought well and had closes to the score. It Good in my opinion.
Zimbabwe 152 v South Africa 153/2 (23.3 ov)
South Africa won by 8 wickets (with 159 balls remaining)
Zimbabwe had hard time against the poteas. They scores under par against the one of the favorite for the cup.
West Indies 253/8 v Kenya 192 (45.3 ov)
West Indies won by 61 runs
Well though West Indies had won but they had to fight and then grab the win. Kenyans had played good.
Sri Lanka 351/5 v Netherlands 195 (47.3 ov)
Sri Lanka won by 156 runs
Nothing to say about this Lankans  shows up their strength against the minos.
Canada 112 v Bangladesh 113/1 (19.2 ov)
Bangladesh won by 9 wickets (with 184 balls remaining)
Bangladesh this time had better performance but this was with minor more difficulties yet to come.

Todays we had at 2:30 Matches b/w INDIA and australia it would be a good shows. Well INDIAN strength and power will tested today. It will shows how they will going to perform in future matches.


I want to create a blog right on wordpress but lacking to find the good topic or relevant interesting idea to create one. At last i got to see why not on cricket even though there are many sites i dcided to go with it. Also i used to play and want to remain intact so i choose it. This also help in getting more news and views about cricket to me.

Well worldcup 2011 is just to start in INDIA and the host are favourites and love them to win this time in their home.

Visit  2011 worldcup to get full schedule about the cricket worldcup 2011. Also go to warmup match to see the warmup matches schedules and the grouping in worldcup.

INDIA best wishes to you.

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