INDIA into semi to meet pakistan

INDIA won the battle in quarter final at Ahmedabad. They defeated the Australian by 5 wickets. They had taken the revenge of the 2003 world cup. Now INDIA will face Pakistan in semi final at Mohali.
Australia won the toss and elected to bat first and they started slowly and loses wicket at regular interval but with effort of ponting 100 they put a decent target of 261. Dhoni started the bowling with Aswin, spin in 1st over!
In reply to the score of Australai INDIA started well and each of the bastmen score something to chasing and they clinch the victory. Sachin made a 50 and also completed his 18000 runs in ODI.
Yuvraj singh got man of the match for his 2 wickets and 57 runs.
score card is below-

Australia 1st Innings Australia: 260/6 in 49.6 ovrs BattingRunsBalls4’s6’sS/R
SR Watson b R Ashwin
BJ Haddin ()ct SK Raina b Yuvraj Singh
RT Ponting (c)ct Z Khan b R Ashwin
MJ Clarke ct Z Khan b Yuvraj Singh
MEK Hussey b Z Khan
CL White C&B Z Khan
DJ Hussey Batting
MG Johnson Batting
Extras(lb 2, w 9, nb 0 , b 0)
11Total(6 wickets; 49.6 overs)
260 RR: 5.2 Did not bat : JJ Krejza, B Lee, SW Tait, Fall of Wickets: 1-40 (SR Watson, 9.6 ov) , 2-110 (BJ Haddin, 22.5 ov) , 3-140 (MJ Clarke, 30.4 ov) , 4-150 (MEK Hussey, 33.3 ov) , 5-190 (CL White, 41.2 ov) , 6-245 (RT Ponting, 48.3 ov) , BowlingOversMaidensRunsWktsEconExtras
R Ashwin 1005225.2(1w)
Z Khan 1005325.30
Harbhajan Singh 1005005(4w)
MM Patel 704406.290
Yuvraj Singh 1004424.40
SR Tendulkar 20904.50
V Kohli 106060
India 1st Innings India: 261/5 in 47.4 ovrs BattingRunsBalls4’s6’sS/R
V Sehwag ct MEK Hussey b SR Watson
SR Tendulkar ct BJ Haddin b SW Tait
G Gambhir Run Out (CL White\/DJ Hussey)
V Kohli ct MJ Clarke b DJ Hussey
Yuvraj Singh Batting
MS Dhoni (c)()ct MJ Clarke b B Lee
SK Raina Batting
Extras(lb 3, w 16, nb 2 , b 0)
21Total(5 wickets; 47.4 overs)
261 RR: 5.48 Did not bat : Harbhajan Singh, Z Khan, MM Patel, R Ashwin, Fall of Wickets: 1-44 (V Sehwag, 8.1 ov) , 2-94 (SR Tendulkar, 18.1 ov) , 3-143 (V Kohli, 28.3 ov) , 4-168 (G Gambhir, 33.2 ov) , 5-187 (MS Dhoni, 37.3 ov) , BowlingOversMaidensRunsWktsEconExtras
B Lee 8.414515.19(3w)
SW Tait 705217.43(2nb, 6w)
MG Johnson 804105.13(2w)
SR Watson 703715.29(1w)
JJ Krejza 9045050
MJ Clarke 301906.330
DJ Hussey 501913.80


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